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Rangehood Ducting Kits

Our rangehood ducting kits have been developed through long experience of installing rangehoods.  They include all you need for a successful installation of your rangehood ducting and are priced realistically and affordably.  With our kits you only pay for what you need and not for extraneous parts that you’ll throw away.

A quiet rangehood installation is the final touch that pleases our customers.  Since our primary business is making and installing kitchens, this final touch for a quieter kitchen is vital to our success and the quality of the ducting components crucial.  Our kits are the result of that experience and we’re proud to offer them to you.

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Quiet Rangehood

Poor ducting is a common reason for a noisy rangehood.  Whereas a good quality rangehood might be reasonably quiet in itself, a bad ducting installation can make it noisy by creating excessive back-pressure and turbulence and so, noise.  This sound of travels back into the kitchen to make the rangehood noisier.  Therefore the use of appropriate and good quality materials plus careful installation will minimise ducting noise.  This plus a good quality rangehood will give you a more peaceful kitchen.

All our rangehood ducting kits contain good quality components that will provide efficient and quiet venting when properly installed.  Each kit contains all you need for a successful installation.

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